The alternate police force

Taylor Street File of Red Cin (Unabridged)

Author: JoBe Cerny Date: 2015 Narrator: JoBe Cerny Provider: Actors Audio & Publishing Running Time: 9 h 06 min Audible Enhanced Audio A new millennium of Chicago crime… Chicago has always been a hotbed for violence, crime, and political corruption. Four governors served prison sentences; two of them were sentenced to longer jail sentences than their terms of office. There are always more crimes than cops. During prohibition, Detective Tug Collier created the “Widows and Orphans Fund”, a euphemism for graft money. That fund eventually financed a private investigative agency known as Taylor Street. When a case involving violence is closed for lack of evidence, the police department refers the case to the private detectives of Taylor Street who use alternative crime-fighting techniques. Frankie Turk and Lola Lahti were suspended for using excessive violence in the pursuit of justice. So they were the perfect detectives to investigate the murder of the husband of a wealthy young widow who owns Chicago’s hottest night spot, Club Red. Join Chicago’s most interesting crime-fighting couple as they investigate The Taylor Street File of Red Cin.


While I’m not a proponent of vigilante justice, especially not when it has, if even indirectly, the approval and backing of official law enforcement, I did enjoy this book, because the premise was presented and carried out extremely well.  The case was maze like in its complexity, but the writer managed to keep everything fairly straight, so that while I was often befuddled, I wasn’t actually confused.  Granted I saw the outlines of the resolution before that resolution occurred, but not *how* it would happen.


One of the things that hooked me and kept me reading was the marvelous character development.  Each person in this book is well developed, multi dimensional, and when not sympathetic, interesting.  There are some surprise “heroes” here, too, and the 2 main characters are humanly complicated.  The writing is excellent.  The author has a strong voice, leavened with a dry, often sarcastic sense of humor.


This is a very enjoyable mystery/adventure, but it also touches on more serious issues, without ever allowing them to overshadow the story.


I have found, generally, that authors do NOT make good narrators, since writing and narrating require 2 very different skill sets, so my rule of thumb is to avoid books narrated by their authors, usually by several miles.  However, every rule must have exceptions to prove it, and the narration provided by the author of this book is just such an exception.  The author provided a skilled, expressive narration, with perfect pronunciation and character voicing.  In fact, knowing that the author was the narrator, I had to check several times to make sure that was correct.  I was, and not only can Mr. Cerny write, but he can narrate, both impeccably!


I received a copy of this book in exchange for this unbiased review from AudioBookBlast dot com.




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