Here be nightmares

Spirit Breaker: Occult Assassin #3 (Unabridged)

Author: William Massa Date: 2015 Narrator: James Foster Provider: Critical Mass Publishing Running Time: 3 h 51 min Audible Enhanced Audio Technology engineered to battle the spirits of the dead…. In Spirit Breaker, Mark Talon must confront an evil psychic and the terrifying forces of the afterlife in his most heart-pounding adventure yet. Contain the bonus short story “Coffin Collector”! Talon heads to Italy to face a chilling coffin maker who has acquired the casket of a famed practitioner of the dark arts.


This book consists of 1 novella and 1 short story, both well written, and both with high “scary” factor.  In the novella, the author uses paranormal technology to excellent effect, and it adds enormously to the chill factor.  While these are certainly not character driven stories, the author develops his important characters, including his villains with enough care to make them interesting.  This is especially true of the main characters, and, in both books in this series I’ve read, I was happy to learn more about Mark Talon, which gives me insight into his motivations.


The paranormal world has been thoroughly mined In fiction, and all too many stories simply retell themes that have become familiar that they have also become clichés.  The author has avoided these traps, however, taking some ideas with which we have become familiar, but giving them very creative and unique twists.  These stories are best read in broad daylight, preferably with bright sunlight.


Mr. Foster provides an entirely professional narration, which, as good narrations tend to do, enhances this book admirably.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for this unbiased review via the courtesy of AudioBookBlast dot com.